B.A. in Philosophy

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General Philosophy

A broad education in philosophy, including ancient and modern Western philosophy, ethics, metaphysics and epistemology, and courses in diverse philosophical traditions.

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Global Philosophies & Religions

An engagement with philosophical traditions from around the world, including Western, South and East Asian traditions, and Islamic traditions, plus courses on the philosophy and practice of religion.

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Philosophy, Science & Technology

Focus on the philosophical underpinnings of scientific thought and practice through courses in the philosophy of science, metaphysics, epistemology, logic, and applied ethics (environmental ethics, sustainability, agricultural and animal ethics).

Minor & Certificate Options

Minor in Philosophy

A minor in philosophy is intended to broaden students' education and to complement and encourage critical and constructive reflection in other courses.

Certificates in Philosophy

For those with a specialized and coherent interest in several philosophy courses, a certificate is often an appealing option.  The philosophy department offers two certificates:

Understand both the theoretical foundations and the practical application of ethics, and gain experience making value judgments on a variety of social issues.

Broad education in philosophical and religious perspectives from around the world.

Upcoming Undergraduate Courses

*subject to change based on faculty availability and enrollment numbers

Fall 2024

*Spring 2024 schedule is still in the draft phase. Specific upper division classes WILL change before the schedule is finalized. Check back for updated offerings

Spring 2025- Tentative Schedule

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