Philosophers Can Do Anything

And They Do!

Our alumni flourish in the world as writers, lawyers, activists, teachers, tech gurus, CEOs, counselors, and, yes, philosophers. Most importantly, though, they go on to live meaningful lives in whichever path they choose.

Read about how philosophy shaped the lives of these inspiring CSU alumni. 

Bruce Bodaken

Former president, chairman and CEO of health insurance nonprofit Blue Shield of California

“Philosophy gave me a rigor in thinking, writing and logical reasoning that helped me navigate the business world in my early years. Those skills directly and indirectly made a big difference for me.”

Kelsi Nagy with a cow in India

Kelsi Nagy

Animal activist, author, and doctoral candidate at the University of Oxford

“Philosophy taught me how to learn and how to engage and think through difficult issues, like our treatment of animals.”

Stephen “Brer Rabbit” Brackett

Lead vocalist for the Denver hip-hop group Flobots and co-founder of Youth on Record

“It was just wonderful to be truly challenged in what you believe and how you articulate it.”

Galen posing with two dogs outside

Galen Donoviel

Non-profit fundraiser and co-founder of Rams for Refugees

“The most important takeaway from my years studying philosophy is to live ethically, and according to my own values, not the values that others tell me to have.”

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