Philosophy encourages us to think deeply, to question what we have presumed, and, broadly, to see the world from different perspectives. It approaches some of the deepest and oldest questions humanity has asked (e.g., “What is the meaning of life?”) and some of the most practical (e.g., “Should I eat meat?”).  It relies on historical wisdom of traditional texts and encourages us to find exciting and creative new ways to see old problems. It is at the heart of the Liberal Arts, and yet is often thought to be the mother of the sciences.  Philosophers seek to establish standards of evidence, provide rational methods of conflict resolution, establish criteria for just social orders, and create techniques for evaluating ideas and arguments.

The Department provides a strong background in traditional philosophy, has key specializations in Global Philosophies and Applied Ethics (particularly Environmental and Animal Ethics), and offers the option to explore exciting new directions in philosophical thought.

The broad relevance of philosophy to other fields permits most students to work toward goals such as professional training in law, medicine, business, science, and theology.  Such broad relevance also results in many students double-majoring in Philosophy and one of the many science or social science majors.

Philosophy has among the fewest majors of any department or discipline, our number of majoring students ranging from approximately 70 to 95.  With a faculty of nearly 40, this provides students with a student to faculty ratio of roughly 2:1, likely the best in the university.

Core Curriculum & More

Philosophy serves all students of the university through its All University Core Curriculum (AUCC) courses in areas

  • 3B, Arts and Humanities
  • 3E, Global and Cultural Awareness

Our sections of these courses offer CSU students over 1,000 classroom seats per academic year, thus helping students from across the campus to complete their AUCC requirements for graduation.

We offer three major concentrations:

  • General Philosophy
  • Global Philosophies and Religions
  • Philosophy, Science and Technology

In addition, we offer a philosophy minor and two certificate options: Ethics and Society and World Philosophies and Religions.

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