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compassPhilosophy is the oldest form of systematic, scholarly inquiry. It is the study of the most basic moral, legal, aesthetic, religious, and metaphysical ideas by which we quest for understanding and develop principles of conduct. Philosophers seek to establish standards of evidence, provide rational methods of resolving conflicts, establish criteria for a just social order, and create techniques for evaluating ideas and arguments.

The Department of Philosophy has a strong commitment to undergraduate education and aims to prepare students for a wide variety of professional and life goals, including graduate school in philosophy, but also a variety of other fields including (but definitely not limited to) professional training in law, social work, the health-care professions, or theology, business, and general intellectual flexibility in a changing world. Undergraduates can major either with a General Philosophy, a Philosophy and Religion or a Philosophy, Science and Technology concentration. Students can minor in either General Philosophy or Religious Studies.

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