Brew with a Brain Launches on February 6 at 5 pm

All students are invited to join the Philosophy Club for its Brew with a Brain Series at Ramskeller on February 6th from 5:00-6:30 pm. Brew with a Brain will kick off with a presentation by Dr. John Didier, “Astrology, Astronomy, and the Development of Polytheisms, Monotheisms, and Philosophical Monisms in Ancient and Classical Eurasian Civilizations.” […]

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Faculty Notes: An Overview of the Year’s Activities

Andre Archie is working on a book manuscript on Plato’s political theory. He continues to enjoy teaching within the Honors Program each spring semester and developing this significant campus partnership. His newly developed Honors seminar, “Friendship: Ancient and Modern, East and West,” broadens the traditional discussion of friendship by incorporating non-Western philosophical sources and more […]

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