BBB Ethics Scholars bring philosophical analysis to the corporate world

Recent alumni Walker Urban and Molly Moxness applied philosophy to business when they were Ethics Scholars interns for the Better Business Bureau in northern Colorado, helping local businesses with their application for the Torch Awards, and proving that philosophy has very tangible real-world applications. 

Creating the Ultimate Liberal Arts Experience: Environmental Humanities Launches at the Mountain Campus

This summer marked the launch of a new summer program in Environmental Humanities—a combination of three courses in history, writing, and philosophy that are designed to be taught, experienced, and lived at CSU’s Mountain Campus. The courses are offered in two-week blocks, one after the other, in early summer. Ken Shockley, an environmental philosophy professor […]

Claiming Space in Philosophy: Women Graduate Students form CSU chapter of Minorities and Philosophy

For those who have studied philosophy beyond an introductory course, it probably does not come as a surprise that philosophy has been among the least demographically diverse academic disciplines in the United States for decades. Not only are the canonical texts and figures representative of the “dead white man” trope, the demographics of philosophy students, […]