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Major & Minor Degree Requirements

Major in Philosophy


rulerThe study of philosophy broadens and intensifies liberal education while enhancing interpretive abilities in many fields. The curriculum encourages a broad liberal arts background, including courses in foreign languages and a plan for graduate school and teaching careers in philosophy. It is not unusual for philosophy majors to also major in other disciplines, and these concentrations combine easily with other majors in the University. There are three concentrations available to philosophy majors: General Philosophy, Philosophy and Religion, and Philosophy, Science and Technology.


Minors in Philosophy

A minor in philosophy is intended to broaden students' education and to complement and encourage critical and constructive reflection in other courses. There are two concentrations available to philosophy minors: General Philosophy and Religious Studies.



Ethics and Society
World Philosophies & Religions

** Majors & Minors

Students are required to receive at least a C- (1.67) in each philosophy course required for the major or minor in philosophy. The minimum scholastic average acceptable for graduation is 2.00 computed only for courses attempted at Colorado State.

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