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The Department of Philosophy at Colorado State University offers a Master of Arts degree in philosophy. The department has established scholars specializing in traditional subdisciplines in philosophy including aesthetics, epistemology, ethics, history of philosophy, logic, and metaphysics. The department also has a focus on non-western philosophies, including Asian and Arabic Philosophy. The department has long been recognized as a leader in applied ethics, especially bioethics and environmental ethics.

The department welcomes graduate students with diverse backgrounds, including students without undergraduate degrees in philosophy. The aim of the M.A. Program is to bring talented students up to speed in modern philosophical methods. Its graduates go on to Ph.D. programs at some of the leading graduate programs in the nation while others pursue successful careers in industry, government and non-governmental organizations.


The M.A. Program in Philosophy

Students may satisfy the requirements for the M.A. degree through either the thesis track (Plan A) or the examination track (Plan B). Under Plan A, students complete 30 credit hours of graduate work, including up to 9 credit hours of thesis research, and write and defend a thesis. Under Plan B, students complete 33 credit hours of graduate work, including up to 6 credit hours of examination preparation, and sit a written and oral examination. For more information about the requirements for the M.A. degree, please consult the department’s graduate program of study.

Fall 2018 Graduate Seminar Descriptions

Spring 2018 Graduate Seminar Descriptions

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

The department offers financial support in the form of graduate teaching assistantships to many of its incoming graduate students. Graduate teaching assistants hold office hours, grade assignments and examinations, and otherwise assist in the instruction of introductory philosophy courses. Graduate teaching assistants receive full tuition remission, an annual stipend, and health insurance. All applicants who have submitted their GRE scores by the February application deadline will be considered for a teaching assistantship. No separate application form is required.

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