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Colorado State University

Special Collections

Eddy Library

The Eddy Library contains books from Willard O. Eddy, long-time chair of the Department of Philosophy and for whom the Eddy Building is named. These books are found in Room 323-D, Eddy Hall.

Rolston Library

Located in Eddy Library: Room 323D, Eddy Hall, Colorado State University. Rolston Library books are shelved in the northwest bookcase, with some in the lower shelves of the next two cases. These books may be checked out similarly to those in the Philosophy Department Library. Obtain access through the departmental secretary. This library contains articles (from anthologies, journals, and encyclopedias) and books written by Holmes Rolston, III.

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Rolston Digital Archives

Housed at the Colorado State University Library and available online anywhere in the world at no charge. Articles in English are in a searchable .pdf format; articles in languages other than English are online in .pdf format but not searchable. All articles are downloadable. These archives contain articles, books, lectures, photographs, and other materials by and about Holmes Rolston, III.

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